Granite Construction has over 90 years experience working
with the State of California and other Government agencies


Mountain View Corridor CM/GC
Salt Lake County, Utah

This $245 million, 15-mile, new signalized highway project included earthwork, utilities, walls, nine miles of asphalt and six miles of concrete paving, 10 new bridges, drainage (pipe and small structures), traffic signals and lighting, reconstruction of local cross streets and an ITS system.  The Granite Team joined the project at a point when design was approximately 10% complete, no utility agreements had been executed, and only a handful of more than 300 right-of-way parcels had been acquired. The initial substantial completion date for opening was December 31, 2012, but the project was completed early and opened through phased openings beginning in June 2012, and completely opened in early December 2012. 

Riverdale Road Reconstruction CM/GC, Utah

Granite was responsible for preconstruction services and construction delivery of this $70M, 2.5 mile highway reconstruction project. This CM/GC delivery for improvements to one of the busiest corridors in Utah involved the reconstruction of a 2.5 mile section of Riverdale Road adding lanes and building a single-point urban interchange in a busy commercial/residential area where room for staging was minimal. Maintaining pedestrian and vehicle traffic was vitally important as were the environmental considerations needed to protect the Weber River from runoff. Granite achieved these goals while placing more than 25,000 tons of asphalt pavement and 80,000 sy of PCCP and reconstructing the interchange in multiple stages. 

#06-0E0404 Madera 99 Rehabilitation Design-Build, CA

The purpose of this demonstration project – Caltrans' first design-build – was to rehabilitate State Route (SR) 99 from South Gateway Overcrossing to Avenue 16 Overcrossing in the northbound and southbound directions through urban Madera. This project’s $27 million scope of work included preconstruction and construction services. The project rehabilitated major sections along four miles of SR 99 by reconstructing both HMA and PCC lanes, and HMA shoulders.  Guardrails, lighting, signage and drainage located within the project limits were upgraded or repaired as needed.  The scope and complexity is similar to the SR99 Project.  This project was constructed in four different stages, with each stage including traffic detours and ramp closures requiring the development of a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and innovative traffic handling. 

I-80, Robb Drive to Vista, Design-Build, Reno

The project’s $81 million scope of work included preconstruction and construction services to redesign and reconstruct approximately 10 miles of pavement involving a range of intersections, ramps and overpasses.  The “I-80 Robb Project” was the first freeway design-build project in northern Nevada. The 10-mile corridor improvement included PCC pavement rehabilitation on I-80, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure, traffic handling, new signing and striping, operational improvements, and landscaping and aesthetics throughout the project corridor.  The project was difficult given required 7-hour lane closure windows and winter weather which shortened the construction season. However, with partnering and innovation, these obstacles were overcome and traffic opening was achieved 80 days ahead of schedule.  

The "New" I-64 Design Build, Missouri

Similar to the design discipline and scope of work of the SR99 project, the I-64 was a $438 Million, nine-mile full reconstruction of I-64 in urban St Louis consisted of 34 bridges, 2 pedestrian tunnels, 1 pedestrian overpass, 414,000 sf of MSE wall, 781,000 sf of soundwall, nearly a 1,000,000 sy of concrete paving, and 99,000 lf of new drainage.