The SR-99 Project Team is committed to the utilization of local individuals, businesses and trade Unions to provide employment and contracting opportunities on the SR-99 Realignment Project.  The Project Team's goal is to meet the targeted hiring requirements outlined in the California High Speed Rail Authority's (CAHSR) Community Benefits Agreement  and to meet the targeted hiring requirements for National Targeted and Disadvantaged Workers.  For more information on CAHSR's requirements and opportunities, check out their flyer.

Granite encourages the development of union apprentices, training workers, and the advancement of professionals in the construction industry through educational assistance and on-the-job training. 

Need Assistance?

In order to meet and exceed the National Targeted and Disadvantaged Workers requirements, Granite has partnered with trade unions and local workforce development agencies to provide new hires who meet the criteria for the project. Please utilize the helpful links provided or contact for further assistance.

Local Workforce
Development Agencies


On-The-Job Training

Granite supports State and Federal on-the-job training requirements. For more information, please contact